The Vacation Effect™ Program Results

Here’s What Some People Are Saying About The Vacation Effect Program:

Dr. Aziz Gazipura

World Renowned Confidence Expert

Ariel Istueta

CEO of a metal shop and co-owner of a roofing company

Kyle Brown

CEO of a wellness company and a shake company

If you’re a busy entrepreneur who wants to grow your business faster and take more time off, you should check out Denise’s Vacation Effect program. We featured some of her innovative teachings on productivity hacking in our War Room member magazine, and I have implemented them in my own life and business, and I can tell you they flat out WORK!

Ryan Deiss

CEO, Digital Marketer

This almost seems too simple to work…and that’s the real magic here! Working with Denise, I love that I now have more time in my schedule for creative activities that really drive me. You’d think by having ‘less’ days available for ‘work’ – you’d get less done but it’s pretty much the opposite. Even though I travel frequently and have lots of fun running Maverick1000, the Vacation Effect program has helped me sharpen my essential business growth and lifestyle skills even more. Absolutely recommend it.

Yanik Silver

Founder of Maverick1000 and Author of “Evolved Enterprise”

Wow, I can’t believe the principles covered in the Vacation Effect program work so well. I used to be a workaholic, and now I’m working less than ever and my company is still growing. I’m letting my team step up and use their gifts. It’s like a dream come true. I just trusted the process that Denise took me through in the coaching calls and the materials and it has paid off. I’m now a believer and have made these principles a way of life. Don’t just do this program half-way or you will be straddling both worlds and won’t experience the progression toward your dreams. Just jump in and trust what Denise recommends and you will be astonished at the results - I was. They truly do work if you put them into action. This program is priceless and will enrich your life if you follow it. Thank you so much, Denise. I’m forever grateful in how you’ve shown up in my life.

Todd Tzeng

CEO, Falcon Fulfillment

This program is a total change in mindset. I love how these planned intentional mini-vacations every week create the space for new ideas to bubble to the surface. By forcing hyper-efficiency into my schedule, it also forces me to get out of the way and let my team do what they’re good at. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how positive my entire team has reacted to me experimenting with this new way of life. They even hold me accountable to my freedom days and harass me if I stop by the office when I’m not scheduled to do so. I’m excited to make these principles a way of life and am thrilled with the results so far. Highly recommend the Vacation Effect program!

Sasha Ablitt

CEO, Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners

Denise, I want you to know how much I have enjoyed our one-on-one calls and am so grateful for how you have impacted my life. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you interrupted an age-old pattern and helped me overcome stage fright. I now sing unabashedly because of you. Also, thanks to what I’ve learned from the Vacation Effect program, my work is so much more effective, I am more proactive in scheduling joyful activities, and am enjoying life so much more. I also love how you have addressed the complex topic of “life purpose” and simplified it into something I can live each day. Thank you for everything!

Danielle Brooks

CEO and Founder of Good Decisions Inc.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I’ve participated in tons of programs and events over the years. I love how Denise has created something truly special with her Vacation Effect program that isn’t just a rehash of everything you’ve already heard before. She has created an amazing program that works. As business owners we are not all that different and we face similar challenges. By applying and using Denise’s unique principles we can tap into so much more that not only helps us grow our businesses but bring more joy in our lives, which is the ultimate goal. Thank you Denise!

Peggy “Nayia” Pierrakos

CEO and Founder of Metro Housing Solutions

As an entrepreneur I've studied productivity for years and gotten amazing results. Lately, I've been focused on delegating and building systems to free myself up even more, so I have been on this journey for some time. And I have to say The Vacation Effect accelerated my growth. I learned a time framework that I haven't heard anywhere else and just using it a couple months now I'm already seeing greater productivity with greater free time too. That's a combo that is hard to beat. With this newfound time I've tackled a huge project that forever seemed to be something I'd get to in the future. I'm also enjoying my work even more than before. Highly recommended!

Logan Christopher

CEO and Co-Founder, Lost Empire Herbs

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Denise Gosnell:

Denise Gosnell’s background is so expansive that you’d normally have to pay a team of specialists to learn what she knows about business, legal, and life. Her turn-by-turn directions will save you both marketing dollars and nights of restless sleep, that alone was priceless to me. Denise, while a very gentle soul, has no problem telling you when she thinks your ego may be blinding you from making the right decisions in your business. She’s the professional that the top professionals seek guidance from. I’m so grateful she’s on my team and has my back. I shudder to think of my life (and my business) without Denise.

Dr. Sean C. Stephenson

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Therapist

I’ve worked with Denise Gosnell on literally hundreds of business and personal projects over the past 10+ years. Her diverse skillset as a business strategist, lawyer, real estate investor, problem solver, and collaborator has been invaluable to me. I don’t enter into any important business deal unless I run it past Denise first.

Joe Polish

Entrepreneur, Founder of Genius Network and Piranha Marketing, Inc.

Denise has worked with my company, New Law Business Model, as a coach for over 3 years. In that role, she is responsible for guiding other lawyers on how to grow their businesses while maintaining a work-life balance. Denise is a highly skilled business strategist, mentor, and lawyer, and more importantly, a person of high integrity. I’m lucky to have her on my team of coaches and look forward to working with her for years to come.

Alexis Neely

CEO and Founder of New Law Business Model