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Denise Gosnell is a dynamic speaker with diverse talents in the areas of business, law, lifestyle design, time management, technology, and publishing. She is frequently asked to share her knowledge through conferences, podcasts, and media interviews.

Please call 317-579-9922 or contact us here for more information on booking Denise for your next event or interview.

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What Others Are Saying About Denise Gosnell As A Speaker:


I’ve known and collaborated in various ways with Denise for nearly a decade. And now watching her step into her gift has been incredible. Denise has spoken at several Maverick events and I’m excited to have her present again on how entrepreneurs can take more time off and have more fun, while still growing their businesses. This is a topic that can have tremendous impact for all of us that seem to think this is a paradox.

Yanik Silver

Founder Maverick1000 and Author Evolved Enterprise

Denise has spoken at two of our previous events and is an amazing combination of smart, kind, and engaging. She has a great ability to recognize what’s holding someone back and then call them on their own B.S. in a direct, yet loving way. I’ve worked with hundreds of speakers over the years and would highly recommend Denise to any event planner.

Sophia Umanski

Maverick Events

I’ve had Denise speak at our War Room CEO mastermind group and my Closing Table event for real estate investors. I love the fact that Denise customized her presentations specifically for our audiences. She even came early to get to know them better. I look forward to having her speak at a future event.

Roland Frasier

CEO, Firecircle

Denise is a dynamic speaker with such a diverse skillset. I’ve seen her speak on business, lifestyle, and legal topics. Denise is also fun to work with, and really cares about helping people. I won’t hesitate to ask her to speak at one of our events in the future when the opportunity arises.

Deanna Rogers

Director of Events, Boost Events