I Use To Work Just 3 Days Per Week Running My 3 Companies And Generate 7 Figures Each Year

017 Lisa Cherney: Be Unapologetically You

In this Episode, Denise and Lisa Discuss:

  • The benefits of being unapologetic or GFRing?
  • Lisa’s GFR Commandments, and how to use them in life.
  • GFR Commandment #5 – “Make Yourself Your Most Important Client”
  • GFR Commandment #3 – “Don’t Worry About Being Normal, Proper, or Polite.”
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make in their marketing.
  • How Lisa uses meditation to enhance her performance as an entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask yourself: “What would I say to the people I want to help if I wasn’t worried about being rude or losing them?” Then say that to them. They deserve your honesty and your help, and most people will find that refreshing.
  • Most business owners are afraid to take a stand in the marketing, and as a result, they speak to no one.
  • You should not feel guilty about having an opinion and taking a stand, even if some people won’t agree with you.

“If I wasn’t worried about any negative outcome, what would I really say?” – Lisa Cherney

About Lisa Cherney:

Lisa Cherney, now known as The Queen of Clarity, is host of the ground-breaking confession-based Get F***ing Real show for successful soulful entrepreneurs and founder of the GFR Squad, a lively community that is serious about embracing the GFR lifestyle and living a life without regrets.

In 2014, after 15 years in business, Lisa Cherney got f***ing real and dismantled her successful 7-Figure business as the Juicy Marketing Expert.  She was proud of the financial accomplishment, but burdened by the “monster” she created. It did not make her happy. To makes things worse her “6-Figures On Your Terms” events were helping hundreds of entrepreneurs make money fulfilling their mission and her refreshing “Cash Through Clarity” Marketing training was in high-demand around the world.

But Lisa learned that just because something is successful and people like it, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it.  She always knew she had a low tolerance for not being happy (after all she left a “successful” corporate career, with companies like AT&T and Lipton at age 28), but now she knows her mission is to help other successful and soulful business owners GFR so they can get out of their own way and help more people!

Other f***ing real fun facts about Lisa are:

  • She is lazy (This inspires lots of creativity on how to get stuff done with the least amount of effort)
  • She loves TV (This is how she unwinds and her TiVo is one of her most prized possessions)
  • She can’t spell for shit (Another outlet for creativity)
  • She didn’t want kids (Until 10 years into her marriage – She has one 13 year old and is convinced she got it “right” the first time.)
  • Her husband, of nearly 25 years, is way cooler than her (He is an engineer, chiropractor, singer/songwriter and World’s Greatest Dance Dad)
  • She is not a certified coach, does not have a marketing degree or an MBA (but she mentors lots of people who do and doesn’t hold it against them)
  • She doesn’t believe in limiting love (And her boyfriends are very happy about that)
  • She is from New Jersey and her parents are from Brooklyn (Thus partially explaining her love of the F word)

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I Use To Work Just 3 Days Per Week Running My 3 Companies And Generate 7 Figures Each Year